Coast Guard Limits Ship Traffic in SF Bay Fog

Posted by on February 14, 2013 in Blog, Ports and Harbors | 0 comments

SF Bay Bridge - Photo by Eric Wagner, creative commons license

Five weeks after a cargo ship rammed the San Francisco Bay Bridge in dense fog, and more than five years after a massive oil spill caused by another ship’s collision with the Bay Bridge in dense fog, the U.S. Coast Guard took action today to limit shipping activity in San Francisco Bay when visibility is poor.  Under the new rules, ships larger than 1600 tons will no longer be allowed to pass under the Bridge while visibility is less than one half mile.

However, to keep ships from lingering off the coast, the rules apply only to ships sailing out of the bay, not ships sailing from the ocean into the bay. According to the Mercury News, every year, approximately 3,500 large ships (including 712 oil and chemical tankers last year) sail into San Francisco Bay.




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