NOAA Maps Future Flooding in South Florida

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NOAA’s Digital Coast program has the tools to map coastal flooding under different sea level scenarios, and communities are beginning to take advantage of the tool. A recent case study shows the range of consequences for South Florida — a particularly vulnerable location due to low elevation, storms, and growing population. Some of the results are astonishing.

“For example, in the one-foot scenario, 75% of hospitals, 65% of schools, and 71% of emergency shelters in Monroe County would be under water. In terms of dollar amounts, taxable property values vulnerable across the region in the one-foot scenario are greater than $4 billion, with values rising to over $31 billion in the three-foot scenario.”

Ratified in 2010, the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, has been established to begin both mitigation and adaptation planning for Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach Counties.

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