Our Issues: Coastal Development


More and more of the world’s population is concentrating on coasts — and accommodating population growth

without damaging coastal ecosystems is more and more of a challenge.  When it comes to coastal ecosystem protection, it is not enough to ask whether we develop, but we also need to ask tough questions about what we develop and where we develop it. The impacts are significant and complex: development has direct impacts on air and water quality, habitat loss, navigation and commerce, recreation and public access, and important scenic values. As climate change and sea level rise impact the coastlines, these problems become even more difficult. Especially because coastal development is managed through a patchwork of legal and regulatory authorities, by a multitude of federal, state, and local agencies often with overlapping jurisdictions and crossed purposes.

With increasing development pressures on the coasts, Coastal Conservation Network is dedicated to heightened awareness and increased scrutiny for inappropriate coastal development. Population and development can be managed with better planning, smarter growth, low impact designs, and permanent preservation of critical habitats and sensitive areas. There’s no real alternative.

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