Our Issues: Coastal Resilience

California by Joe Azure via flickrMaybe resilience is just this year’s environmental buzzword, but we’d like to think that it is an increasingly important concept in coastal conservation. Passive preservation is no longer enough — blowing winds, churning waves, and rising seas are threatening our coastlines and we need to adapt.

Our political leadership has not found a meaningful way to prevent carbon from polluting the atmosphere, regardless of record-setting temperatures and storm-surge wake-up calls from storms like Katrina and Sandy. More worrisome for coastal residents, though, is that our political leadership is showing increased reluctance to pay the bills caused by their inaction.

Here at Coastal Conservation Network, we are dedicating our efforts to enhance coastal resilience in these tough and changing times. We will advocate for conserving our natural and scenic seashores for clean water, coastal habitat, and safe recreation.  And we will also advocate for sensible strengthening of coastal protections for our communities.


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