Post-Sandy Vision: “Restore Nature to Nurture Coastal Communities”

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26550_405785876494_1923620_nOur New York / New Jersey colleagues at Clean Ocean Action have created Waves of Action, hosted at, to provide a central organizing point for a day of community cleanups, beach cleanups, food drives, and other volunteer acts to help hasten the Sandy recovery. Their next Wave is this Saturday and folks in the area should lend a hand if they can.

We were taken by their vision statement, which captures our sentiments exactly:

After the initial recovery from the devastation caused by Sandy, there will be a long journey forward.  It is essential to implement a vision of sustainability—restoring better, greener, and bluer coast.   By implementing green development projects, we will ensure cleaner, bluer waters in the future.


Sandy’s wake has shocked us into the realities of climate change and reckless development that threaten lives, livelihoods, and the environment.  Re-building the coast will be an evolution and it will create many opportunities for citizens to engage in activities.  These will not only build a more resilient healthy environment, but will also help educate citizens about the frailties of the coast, the realities of climate change, and the need to build sustainably. 

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