TCA: Never Mind the Public, We’re Building the Stupid Road

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tollroadIn an unsurprising yet still stunning move, the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) in Orange County, California took formal action to approve plans for a hotly-controversial toll road. To avoid the inevitable heat, the TCA held no hearing, held no workshops, provided no comment period, and only provided minimal notice for a special meeting, before simply taking a vote. This, despite multiple assurances that the public would have chance to weigh in.

The proposed extension to a toll road — the “Tesoro extension” — is part of a road that was already rejected by the California Coastal Commission and the Bush Administration’s Commerce Department in 2008 due to impacts to San Onofre State Park and the world-famous Trestles surfing beach.

TCA’s “special meeting” was called in an effort to avoid normal meeting notice requirements.  So, with only two days notice, the TCA approved controversial environmental documents and approved the conceptual design for one of the most controversial road projects in the country.


According to the agenda, the TCA then closed the special meeting to discuss litigation, both pending and potential — their appalling process to approve the unwanted toll road, no doubt, a topic of discussion.



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